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Drink beer in two states at once! Whetstone Beer Co. Celebrates “Borderline” Release 4.13.23

There are many reasons to love Brattleboro, VT, but one of its great claims is that it is among an elite group of towns which house an establishment where you can drink beer straddling two states at once. The line separating Vermont and New Hampshire runs right through Whetstone Beer Co.’s taproom on the Connecticut River, inspiring the brewery to celebrate its unique location with the release of Borderline Pale Ale, April 13.

The “interstate” nature of Whetstone Beer Co. has a complex history. The original 1903 wooden bridge crossing the Connecticut River to New Hampshire at Whetstone’s Bridge Street location was replaced in 1920 by an extensive 330-foot-long truss. To support the heavy structure, new footings were poured and set deep into the riverbed, extending the “land” on the Vermont side of the river by about 5 feet. However, the state line already established by the US Geological Survey refused to budge – even as the structure that now houses Whetstone Beer Co. was built atop the footings. Today, you can stand on the USGS borderline painted on the floor of the taproom or, planting a foot on either side, literally be in two places at once.

Whetstone Borderline Pale Ale celebrates two states, sometimes known for their differences, but both of which share the spirit of adventure that underpins the Whetstone brand. Borderline’s fresh, bright, and citrus characteristics are also at the “borderline” between several different styles of pale ale, complex, but easy to drink, at just 5% ABV. And every can comes with a free collectible sticker.

Borderline Pale Ale is available on draught and in 4-packs at our taproom, and at fine restaurants and beverage retailers in New England.