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Brewer Spotlight: Mark Morgan

Join us in a big Whetstoner welcome to our newest Whetstone Beer Co. brewer, Mark Morgan. Coming to us originally from Ireland, by way of Hershey, PA, we asked Mark to tell us about his hometown, his journey to Vermont, and his views on brews. This is what he had to say:

I’m originally from Killarney, Ireland, a small town with beautiful scenery. Brattleboro reminds me of home quite a lot. I came to VT to brew with Whetstone. When I came up to visit after my interview, I was sold – great people to work with, great beer. And Brattleboro and VT are beautiful places.

I’m a big fan of old school ales, Irish reds, ESBs, and Pales in particular, which are more common back home. I enjoy anything that is well crafted and clean. Currently, our Penguin Porter is in heavy rotation at home, great porters are hard to find, but Penguin is a great representation of the style.

I was with Troegs Brewing Co in Hershey, PA for the past 3 years. I did just under a year in packaging before becoming a production Brewer in 2020. I worked on some pretty wild beers at Troegs. Barrel aged Triple Nator, the big sibling to an already hefty double bock, was a cool one to work on, a hard style to nail, and definitely an unusual one.

I have a long list of ingredients that I’d like to try here. I would love to do a beer using only VT grown and produced ingredients: maybe attempt a farmhouse or saison with VT apples, maybe some of the heirloom varieties I’ve some across around these parts. Maybe a little maple syrup in there.

We are stoked to have Mark on board and looking forward to trying some of his Vermont creations, Sláinte, Mark!