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Brewing up adventure with us were Park Assistant Manager Sebastian Ramey, Regional Operations Manager Danielle Schneider, Park Manager Lauren Pellegrino, and Whetstone Brewer Derek Hall at Jamaica State Park.

Whetstone Beer Co. kicks off “Pints for Parks” supporting VT State Parks

“Brewing up adventure” isn’t just a motto for Whetstone Beer Co., it’s a way of life. Partners David Hiler, and Tim and Amy Brady were brought together by not just a love of beer, but also a love of adventure. Their years of exploring the beauty of Vermont State Parks has led them to launch the Pints for Parks project,… Read More »Whetstone Beer Co. kicks off “Pints for Parks” supporting VT State Parks

Feet stand on either side of a yeallow painted line in the Wehtstone Brewery taproom indicating the state line between VT & NH.

Drink beer in two states at once! Whetstone Beer Co. Celebrates “Borderline” Release 4.13.23

There are many reasons to love Brattleboro, VT, but one of its great claims is that it is among an elite group of towns which house an establishment where you can drink beer straddling two states at once. The line separating Vermont and New Hampshire runs right through Whetstone Beer Co.’s taproom on the Connecticut River, inspiring the brewery to… Read More »Drink beer in two states at once! Whetstone Beer Co. Celebrates “Borderline” Release 4.13.23

Whetstone Top 10 of 2022

What a year! If we had to pick one word to sum up the year it would be: Community. While we embarked on some new brewing adventures like making our beer available to be delivered to your front door as well as in Sweden (For real! Right now!), we also hit major benchmarks of hosting over 100 live music performances… Read More »Whetstone Top 10 of 2022

Thankful to pay it forward

We are incredibly grateful to have been a part of the Brattleboro community for the past 10 years. As we’ve built our businesses, we have been able to give back to many vital organizations that support our community through the arts, environment, outdoor recreation, and the well being of animals and humans. We’d like to shout out a few of… Read More »Thankful to pay it forward

Brewer Spotlight: Mark Morgan

Join us in a big Whetstoner welcome to our newest Whetstone Beer Co. brewer, Mark Morgan. Coming to us originally from Ireland, by way of Hershey, PA, we asked Mark to tell us about his hometown, his journey to Vermont, and his views on brews. This is what he had to say: I’m originally from Killarney, Ireland, a small town… Read More »Brewer Spotlight: Mark Morgan

Eco-friendly can label wrap with peel off sticker

A shared love of beer, travel, art, and the great outdoors united three partners – Tim Brady, Amy Brady, and David Hiler – to open Whetstone Station Brewery in Brattleboro in 2012. The spirit of exploration and discovery through rail travel underpinned the concept behind the establishment housed in a former train station building. A decade later, they’ve rebranded to… Read More »Eco-friendly can label wrap with peel off sticker